About Us

Prometheus Health Partners, LLC (“Prometheus”) is an innovative investment company formed to acquire and operate a small to medium sized privately-held business. Our team is made up of an accomplished group of entrepreneurs, investors and operators committed to creating value over the long term.

Prometheus will conduct a rigorous fact-driven analytical search in order to identify, acquire, and eventually operate a private company with an acquisition value between $10 and $30 million. The target company will have stable recurring revenue and cash flows and a meaningful growth potential. Our goal is to provide an attractive liquidity option for business owners by working closely with them to structure a transaction that best meets their financial and personal objectives. Once acquired, Prometheus will step in to manage the day-to-day operations of the company. This unique approach is ideal for those owners who would like to completely step away from management responsibilities or assume a lesser role within the company.

Prometheus' investment approach presents strong advantages:

Prometheus is made up of a strong group of entrepreneurs, investors, and operators who will draw from many years of experience to identify a target, structure a transaction, and formulate and execute a strategy that will position the company for growth and success.
We have significant capital resources that ensure our ability to quickly provide full or partial liquidity to business owners.
Flexible and fair deal terms:
We are interested in paying a fair price for the business and intend to work closely with the owner to structure the transaction to best meet their financial and personal objectives. This includes consideration of the owner's tax planning and lifestyle interests.
Assumption of day-to-day management responsibility:
We will assume management of the day-to-day operations of the company we acquire. This provides the owner with the ability to walk away from the business or to stay involved in a lesser role.
Corporate social responsibility:
We intend to embrace and endorse the highest of ethical standards in all business endeavors. In addition, we are interested in preserving or improving existing relationships with employees, customers and the community as we transition to the next phase of growth.
Focus on long term value creation:
We have no interest in short term cost cutting or "flipping" the business within 1 to 3 years. We are interested in making strategic management decisions focused on creating long term value.

If you or someone you know would be interested in learning more, we encourage you to contact us. We work with intermediaries and pay transaction fees upon closing.
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